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Our story started in January 2013 when our founder, Meribeth Broadway, became interested in assisting the efforts of Search and Rescue and Police K9s. After her own dogs were unable to qualify for Search and Rescue certification due to health concerns, Meribeth combined her passion for supporting working dogs with her background in canine training and veterinary experience. She discovered that handlers of working and service dogs receive no support or funding for the expensive equipment and gear necessary to carry out their duties. Meribeth seized the opportunity to support the working and service dog community to acquire the proper resources necessary for their protection.

Our Mission

We are a registered 501(3)c organization whose purpose is to support working and service dogs. The classes of animals supported by Dogs on Duty are police, military, search and rescue, therapy, and service. We provide equipment, funds, training and resources for working and service dogs and their handlers. In the two years since our founding, we have vested eleven police K9s with Kevlar vests and eight cooling vests for the search and rescue team. We have also provided GPS‐tracking collars and mukluks (protective boots for the canines’ paws). We are currently investing in pop‐lock systems and kennels for police vehicles. Recently, we have begun investigating how to find and train service dogs for military veterans who cope with numerous types of combat‐related injuries and illnesses. As the needs of the organization and individuals we serve change and evolve, the services and gear we provide will also continue to change and evolve.

If you would like to help make a difference in the lives of these heroic canines, please consider following the donation link below.”

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